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The Story

Shinola is near and dear to my heart. The company was started as a way to bring manufacturing back to America to a city that that has a storied industrial history: Detroit. 

Even though I moved away over a decade ago, Michigan will always be my home. And as a Michigander, I will always cheer for the reinvigoration of Detroit. Shinola purposefully chose to build a business in this community, making an investment in its people and its future. Here is where Shinola is redefining how luxury products are being handcrafted - first with their watches, then bikes, accessories, jewelry and audio collection.

My husband and I have given Shinola products to very special people in our lives. It's our way of connecting our family and friends to who we are while supporting the growth of a city we think is amazing. 

Don't call it a comeback, just call it Detroit. 


My Favorites

The Canfield Sport (Men's)

The Birdy (Women's)

The Runwell Turntable

Journals & Notebooks

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