The Giving Keys

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The Story

The Giving Keys is one of my most favorite gifts to give. The idea started in 2009 when founder Caitlin Crosby started an organization called LoveYourFlawz as she was touring the nation promoting her album. While traveling, she stayed at a hotel that used real keys for entry to their rooms. She loved how beautiful the keys were even when flawed. Later, she had the words "Love Your Flawz" engraved on the hotel key she kept. Caitlin had other words engraved on old, used keys such as "Love," "Believe," "Faith," and sold them at her concerts as a reminder that we are all unique and sometimes need a reminder of how special we are. She encouraged her fans to pay the messages forward if they felt someone else needed the inspiration more.

In 2010, Caitlin began selling the keys as a way to help homeless friends find and pay for housing. Today, The Giving Keys makes an impact by creating jobs to help people transition out of homelessness. According to their website, they have created almost 130,000 hours of work for those in need.


My Favorites

Classic Key Necklace

Mini Key Necklace


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